Planned Maintenance

Energy Savings:  Possibly the number one benefit from Central's Planned Maintenance Program is energy savings.  A professional tune-up, and a well maintained system, helps reduce the demand from your heating and cooling system, which is projected to account for half of your home or business energy cost.   Heating and cooling systems with Planned Maintenance can see operating savings of up to 30 percent. 


Peace of Mind: While the conditions outside your home fluctuate from one extreme to another, you can rest assure that comfort inside your home stays nice and calm.   We will set up an appointment that works in your schedule to help make sure there are no costly interruptions in your home's comfort level.


Repair Savings: The purpose of Planned Maintenance is to solve issues with your system, before they grow expensive or cause major issues within your overall system.  If parts are needed, you receive a 10% discount, and you get one free service call per year.


Extend the Life of Your Equipment: Replacing your Heating and Cooling system is never as fun, or as glamorous, as some other major household investments, so why not make sure to get the most out of your current system. Taking care of your system summer to summer, winter to winter, will extend its useful life.


Protect the Valuable Warranties: When new systems do have issues, manufactures want to make sure that the customers have done planned maintenance to protect the integrity of their products.


Safety:  With the heating check, you can make sure you detect the existence of Carbon Monoxide. A compromised heating system is one of the causes of carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas that can cause serious illness or possible death.


On The Top of the List:   If you do have a break down, you can be confident in priority placement, and will be visited by a technician who is comfortable and familiar with your system.  Most of the time, our customers have developed a trust relationship with specific technicians and can ask for them by name, while having a computerized history of your system at their disposal.


What You Get: A system check and cleaning twice a year for cooling and for heating, one free service call each contract year, a 10% discount on all parts and peace of mind.



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